Kay Rodgers Park

The Expo Center

The Expo Center features 24,000 square feet of exhibition/meeting space.

This can be divided into three different size areas - 12,000 square feet, 7,000 square feet and 5,000 square feet or may be used as one open area of 24,000 square feet.

The 24,000 square foot area seats 400 at (round or rectangular) tables and 1,500 in theater style. The full area will accommodate at least 110 booths at 10 x 10 feet. Tables and chairs are available.

Different stage arrangements are available for the Expo Center. Rates depend on the arrangement desired.

The floors are concrete and the ceiling height is 18 feet. There is an overhead door entrance for moving in and out. The facility has three break out rooms, each measuring 25 x 37 feet, with separate entrances from a common hallway. The rooms are adjacent and will open to form one large 75 x 37 foot room. These rooms are carpeted.

There are restroom facilities for the three large areas and breakout rooms. The entire facility is serviced from one serving kitchen, which offers a large cooler and ice machine. A soft drink dispenser is available in the serving kitchen. A list of approved caterers will be provided or the renter may bring in food/drink for non-public events.

This entire facility is heated and air-conditioned. Telephone, computer access lines, and electricity are available in all spaces. An excellent sound system is in place. Over 9 acres of parking area is adjacent.

Photos of the Expo Center

Floorplan of the Expo Center